First Nightwish's DVD recorded in 2001

Itsn't a DVDRip, but the quality is very good.

You may enjoy this video:

Nightwish Live Hartwall Arena (End of an Era) HD

Track List:

1. "The Kinslayer" 
2. "She's my Sin"
3. "Deep Silent Complete"
4. "The Pharao Sails to Orion"
5. "Come Cover Me"
6. "Wanderlust"
7. "Crimson Tide/Deep Blue Sea"
8. "Swanheart"
9. "Elvenpath"
10. "Fantasmic" (Third Part)
11. "Dead Boy's Poem"
12. "Sacrament of Wilderness"
13. "Walking in the Air"
14. "Beauty and the Beast"
15. "Wishmaster"